Dental Implants

A lot of years the only way for replacing a missing tooth was the bridge systems or dentures. But now it is easy with the dental implants which supplant natural tooth roots and provide a fixed foundation for an artificial tooth.
Dental implants come in different sizes, heights, and types, and depend on the condition of your jawbone. The dental implants installation may accept several steps and the preparation can take many months. So this is essential to choose the right types of implants and techniques with your dental implant expert, which will keep in mind your particular needs. Main types of implants and techniques we can provide, can be used to rebuild bone and are listed below.


  • The doctor's consultation
    $100 (qualified by the physician)
  • 3d scan
  • Correction after surgery
  • Observation of the doctor during the month

Types of Implants

Ceramic Inplants

Metallic Implants

Classic Crowns Implants


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